Local care providers vs nationwide care providers

What is the main difference between a local and a nationwide care provider?

A local care provider is local to a specific region or county. As such, it only serves customers in a specific area. A nationwide care provider has many branches spread out across the whole country and so serves many customers all over the country. As an example, we only provide elder home care to people in Cornwall. 

You might be thinking that nationwide care providers have more resources and so can provide better care, however, this is not always true. Due to the sheer size of a nationwide provider, resources may be spread too thin and so processes will slow down and become inflexible. This inflexibility may then trickle down to your care package and cause issues in the quality of care you or your loved one receive. For example, if profits begin to fall across the board, the branch that is responsible for your care may become the target of budget cuts and employee redundancies. Who will care for you or your loved one if that branch suffers such a fate?

How do I know if a care provider is local or nationwide?

Some nationwide care providers don’t make it completely obvious that they cover areas nationally within their adverts or marketing material. This is because they understand the importance of the ‘local’ tag. However, an easy way to find out the answer to this question is by entering their website and clicking on either the “About Us” page and finding a page entitled either “Our locations” or “areas we cover/serve”. Another indicator is if they have a “Find a local branch” option anywhere on their website.

What are the main benefits of choosing a local care provider over a nationwide care provider?

  1. Faster responses to questions or changes to your care packages. Local providers tend to be smaller in size compared to nationwide competitors and so generally, aren’t stretched too thin. Meaning that employees will always be on hand to help with questions or to amend your care package
  2. Helps improve the local economy. When you spend locally, you are helping to increase local business revenue. This revenue can then be used to create more jobs and to buy other local services/products. With more people in employment within the local area, these individuals may then look to spend their wage locally. To put it simply, if you buy local, you are supporting your local community!
  3. Care for the local community. Local businesses care far more for the community that they’re in. Nationwide companies only see other areas as just another place to make profit. They have no personal interest in the local community and won’t always give back in charitable ways
  4. More knowledgeable about Cornwall. A lot of local businesses will employ people who are local to the area or who have lived in it for a long time. This is beneficial because it means that your caregivers will be able to relate to and be familiar with things and areas that you’re talking about
  5. Smaller carbon footprint. Due to being smaller in size, generally, local businesses have far smaller carbon footprints. If you choose a local business you are doing your bit to help the environment!

Why choose Penwith Care as your home care provider?

We get it, choosing a care provider for you or your loved one is difficult and takes time. However, we believe that our fully managed and CQC regulated service is the type of home care provider you’re looking for. Here are some reasons why you should choose us:

  1. Local to Cornwall. We are truly local to Cornwall and are not just another nationwide “local branch” (we’re located in Hayle and serve areas including: Camborne, Redruth, St Ives, Carbis Bay, Penzance and Hayle). This allows us to better serve out clients’ needs through understanding of the local area. It also allows us to better serve the Cornwall community at large
  2. Cared for 750 people since 2010. Since our inception in 2010, we have cared for 750 people and we are currently caring for 120+ people across West Cornwall! To put it simply, people trust us!
  3. Qualified caregivers. Our caregivers must complete a mandatory care certificate and are encouraged to achieve their NVQ3 qualifications 
  4. CQC regulated. Fully rated and regulated by the CQC. Therefore, our services are monitored in accordance with CQC guidelines. As such, we strive to provide the very best care to you or your loved one
  5. Fully managed care service. Our care managers will plan out your care and they will assign you a suitable caregiver to help you in your day to day living

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